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Felica J.

“Thank you to you and your company. After my husband died I thought I had handled all of his accounts. Thanks to IUA you were able to help me recover accounts I was not aware he had.”

Becky B.

Thank you so much for your services. This comes at a time when it is so needed. Also, it’s nice to get something besides a bill out of the mail box. Thanks again.

Gonzalez Famliy

“Got our check today. Thank you to all in your company!!!! It was a pleasure working with you through the process. Hopefully, We will work with you again!”

INFINITE UNCLAIMED ASSETS is a Professional Search Company specializing in reuniting individuals and businesses with lost assets.
Our clients range from individuals seeking rightful assets to multi-billion dollar corporations who rely on us for speedy, professional location and recovery service.
INFINITE UNCLAIMED ASSETS audits private and governmental agency records NATIONWIDE through the use of forensic accounting using proprietary systems that allow us to identify assets that are unclaimed and to identify and locate their rightful owners.
If you have been contacted by, INFINITE UNCLAIMED ASSETS then we have already expended a great deal of effort to locate you. We have done so, on our own initiative and expense, to inform you of assets that were otherwise unknown to you. A significant part of our service is in bringing this matter to your attention.
From this point, our goal is to assist you in claiming your interest in the assets we have located. As your representative, we will perform all the tasks necessary to achieve this goal, again at our expense. This includes taking steps to protect your interest in the assets, gathering the necessary evidence to prove your entitlement, and providing the services of legal counsel and professional research. We will see the entire process through until you receive your rightful award of funds.
 INFINITE UNCLAIMED ASSETS does not receive any upfront fees and our fee is paid ONLY when your claim is successfully completed and at which point your funds are issued to you. If we are unsuccessful in securing your funds for whatever reason, you owe nothing.